The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (2024)

By Dr. Sara Ochoa

Cute dogs, handsome puppies, stunning canines.

We couldn’t decide on just one, so today we’re bringing you a whole collection of the world’s absolute cutest dogs.

Of course, what we think ranks cutest is certainly subjective. Opinions will (and should!) vary from one dog lover to the next.

There are soft coats and puffy fur coats, wrinkly noses, and super smooth skin.

You’ll find dogs who sport tall, pointed ears while others enjoy long and droopy ears.

There are balls of fluff and regal poses. There are big eyes and cute puppy paws.

You’ll have your barkers and you’ll have some quiet pals too.

Long noses, short noses, elongated bodies, stubby little legs, you name it.

The gamut runs wide when meeting cute dogs.

So today we are delving into 21 of the world’s absolute cutest dog breeds. For fun, we’ll also browse a collection of cute dogs that are taking the internet by storm.

You’ll discover 51 cute dog names, plus we’re unpacking what actually makes a dog cute.

As always, we’re glad you are here.

Let’s get started.

21 Uber-Cute Dog Breeds

Prepare to meet the world’s cutest dog breeds.

Here are 21 breeds that without a doubt, make the cut for ranking high in cuteness competitions.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (2)

1. Siberian Husky

These beauties are elegance and charm straight to their core. Donned in a dashing black and white coat with thick, luscious fur, Huskies can weigh 60 pounds or more once they reach adulthood. They love a good adventure and are in their element when roaming the great outdoors. Perhaps best of all is their stunning blue eyes. Huskies bleed kindness and loyalty for whoever is lucky enough to call one of these pals a friend.

Siberian Husky

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Trust the Queen of England on this baby. Elizabeth II has had over 30 Pembroke Welsh Corgis throughout her lifetime so it goes without saying these little charms thrive on a touch of regality. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a tiny orange little chap with big eyes that can melt you right down. They fill every inch of their elongated bodies atop short little legs and ooze with loyalty towards their families. Their smiles stretch from ear to ear, plus they are great with children.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

3. Beagle

Floppy ears, sappy eyes, cute paws, and tiny wet noses. What’s not to love about the ever cherished Beagle? Perhaps made popular by Snoopy, Beagles love to follow their nose and track a good scent. They have a head tilt that’s hard to resist and they love a good time with people. Plus, they are adored for their barking and howling sounds which they make when feeling excited. What’s more, Beagles are a gentle pal who if you’re not careful, will be happy to outsmart you on your best day.


4. Shetland Sheepdog

The name gives this babe away. Shetland Sheepdogs hail straight from the rugged and remote Shetland Islands of Scotland. Their best day is spent herding and when properly trained, they are quick and obedient in demeanor. Maxing out at 25 pounds, Shelties flaunt a luxurious coat of fur that will turn many an eye. Plus, Shelties are smart, they love children, and are excellent family pals.

Shetland Sheepdog

5. Golden Retriever

Mic drop on this one. Literally. Golden Retrievers are the epitome of life-size teddy bears in tandem with large balls of fluff. They face the world with the kindest eyes and are sweet towards nearly anyone they meet. Greeting you with a warm personality, it’s hard to feel at odds when there’s a Golden Retriever in the room. Not to mention, Goldens are loyal, smart, and have a deep fondness for retrieving things. Plus, they are a popular service dog thanks to being so easy to train.

Golden Retriever

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Sweet little eyes. An irresistible nose. The perfect head tilt. There’s a whole lot to love about the little Yorkshire Terrier who is always photo-ready. Yorkies are a brave little clan who love big adventure. They are small in size and carry a long, luxurious coat of hair. Yorkies are also considered hypoallergenic, making them a perfect companion for dog lovers suffering from seasonal allergies.

Yorkshire Terrier

7. French Bulldog

Big ears and perfect wrinkles are what you can expect from the well-loved French Bulldog. These pals are low energy and love to have a good time. Plus, their snuggles are free, topped only by their comical expressions that are sure to make a friend laugh. Little Frenchies are adored for their “talking” sounds which rank super high on the cuteness chart.

French Bulldog

8. English Setter

Meet the “gentleman of the dog world.” The English Setter is all class and strength and dignity. AKC describes them with “show-stopping good looks” and to be honest, we couldn’t agree more. These beauties are a medium-size sporting dog and are sweet to nearly everyone they meet.

English Setter

9. Bernese Mountain Dog

If you’re looking for a perfect, fluffy companion, you may have just met your match. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a good-natured helper who is devoted to family and confident in nature. They love a dose of affection and are well-behaved when properly trained. In appearance, these beauties flaunt a dashing tri-color coat that is long and thick in texture. These pals love to spend time outside and are a dream come true for families who enjoy the great outdoors.

Bernese Mountain Dog

10. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Making their debut with an exuberant burst of joy, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is all friendliness and smiles. They first originated as an Irish farm dog so work is no problem for them. Today they embrace life with enthusiasm and seldom have a “down” day. Not to mention, these beauties are considered hypoallergenic so cue all the allergic dog lovers.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

11. co*cker Spaniel

Long curly ears, gentle eyes, a playful spirit….this is what you can expect when you bring a co*cker Spaniel home. These pals love a good play date and are fond of pleasing. They are also excellent snuggle buddies and have proven themselves to be great with children. Plus, co*cker Spaniels are determined to thrive in both small apartments as well as large sprawling acreage.

English co*cker Spaniel

12. Bearded Collie

Cue all the dreamy expressions on this babe. The Bearded Collie is a shaggy yet mystical dream come true. They’ve been affectionately dubbed “Beardie” and have a keen fondness for being outdoors. They are also smart, charismatic, and flaunt a streak of independence too.


13. Poodle

Show stopping in appearance, the Poodle comes in a variety of solid colors including blues, silvers, browns, creams, apricots, grays, and cafe-au-laits. Poodles are famous for their curly hair and are part of today’s super popular “doodle” breeds. Plus, they fill a variety of sizes from small straight up to large, so there’s a perfect size for everyone.

Standard Poodle

14. Border Collie

Smart, energetic, and sporting incredible stamina is the ever loved Border Collie. These beauties exhibit an intense stare that can feel like it touches straight to your soul. A Border Collie’s first love is herding sheep. Plus, they’ve proven themselves to be highly trainable thus making them a superb family dog. Perhaps best of all, you can always count on a well trained Border Collie to be watchful and protecting of children.

Border Collie

15. Labrador Retriever

Meet the ever famous Labrador Retriever. AKC has been ranking these beauties as most popular for the past many years and to be honest, there’s not much to hate about these pals. They don a gorgeous, fluffy coat and are masters in athletic games. Plus, they come in a variety of colors so you can truly take your pick. These pals are high in energy and thrive alongside active families.

Labrador Retriever

16. Ibizan Hound

With large ears and eyes that feel like they are staring straight into your soul, the Ibizan Hound is a polite pal who loves to run. They sport an elegant, almost deer-like look and are described by AKC as “lithe and leggy.”

Ibizan Hound

17. Australian Shepherd

Bragging gorgeous coat patterns is the show-stopping Australian Shepherd. These babes are sheer beauty! They are medium in size with a luxurious fluffy coat. Plus, they are playful at heart and are great around children.

Australian Shepherd

18. German Shepherd

Smart. Loyal. Popular. There is a whole lot to love about the famous German Shepherd. These beauties are courage personified and have proven themselves as versatile heroes. Today they are serving in a plethora of roles, including guide and assistance, police, military, search and rescue, and of course the ever-steady and constant companion.

German Shepherd

19. Great Dane

A gentle giant, the Great Dane is a true head-turner. Great Danes sport a variety of colors including black, brindle, fawn, blue, and harlequin. In addition, these beauties are great with children.

Great Dane

20. Golden Doodle

Meet the Goldendoodle, a perfect combination of Poodle and Golden Retriever mix. The Goldendoodle weighs up to 45 pounds and is a curly-haired, friendly companion. Thanks to their heritage, they are exceptionally smart and boast high energy. Also, since Goldendoodles are part Poodle, these pals rarely shed and are considered hypo-allergenic, thus making them a perfect match for dog lovers with allergies.


21. Dachshund

A curious expression and bold personality are what can be expected from the charming Dachshund. These pals fill a variety of sizes and colors and carry a stunning, elongated body atop short little legs. Dachshunds are curious by nature and full of energy. They exhibit an exceptional sense of smell, they’re great with family, and they love a good play date with friends.


The Absolute Cutest Dogs

Moving beyond dog breeds, these are the actual puppies who today are taking the internet by storm.

Without further ado, meet the cuties:

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (24)

Photo cred: Sofia Guaico

Tall ears. Stunning eyes. Immaculate coat. This German Shepherd appears ready to take on the world

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (25)

Photo cred: Chevanon Photography

What’s better than one little Labrador Retriever? Two Labrador Retrievers, of course.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (26)

Photo cred:

Dashing eyes and floppy ears. There’s a whole lot to love about this handsome little co*cker Spaniel.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (27)

Photo cred: Erda Estremera

Perfection to a “T”. This little Dachshund is the real show stopper.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (28)

Photo cred: Martin Tajmr

Can’t stop won’t stop looking AH-mazing. This Great Dane is ready to take the world by the tail.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (29)

Photo cred: Brooke Cagle

Need a heart-to-heart? This little Goldendoodle has your back.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (30)

Photo cred: Angela Anaconda

This charming Bernese Mountain Dog is one true dapper.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (31)

Photo cred: Tuomas Harkonen

Mic drop on this one ’cause this little Poodle is just over here living her best life.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (32)

Photo cred: Kossi007

Game of ball, anyone? This little Frenchie is ready for you!

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (33)

Photo cred: Chiemsee2016

Even as a pup, this little Golden Retriever is living true to his name.

51 Cute Dog Names

It’s true. Cute dogs need cute names.

So here’s a list of our top favs to help you find just the right name for your cute little pupper.

  1. Allie
  2. Angle
  3. Archie
  4. Bailey
  5. Beau
  6. Biscuit
  7. Blaze
  8. Bolt
  9. Buddy
  10. Buzz
  11. Callie
  12. Charlie
  13. Chloe
  14. Clay
  15. Clover
  16. Cooper
  17. Dash
  18. Dixie
  19. Dolce
  20. Electro
  21. Electron
  22. Ferrari
  23. Fink
  24. Frodo
  25. Gus
  26. Harper
  27. Jack
  28. Jojo
  29. Kai
  30. Kiki
  31. Leo
  32. Nala
  33. Oliver
  34. Oreo
  35. Oscar
  36. Pippin
  37. Quinn
  38. Riley
  39. Sawyer
  40. Scoot
  41. Sophie
  42. Spark
  43. Stella
  44. Sugar
  45. Tillie
  46. Toby
  47. Tucker
  48. Violet
  49. Volt
  50. Winston
  51. Zoe

What Makes a Dog Cute

Believe it or not, there’s actually a touch of science behind what makes a dog cute.

Researchers have pinpointed five elements that contribute to making a dog appear cute in the eye of a beholder.

They are:

  • Large, forward-facing eyes.
  • Big, round ears.
  • Floppy limbs and a teetering gait.
  • A large head relative to their body size, or simply a particularly rounded head.
  • A rounded body shape.

Of course, every dog lover will (and should!) be biased in thinking their dog is among the cutest dogs ever, whether these traits are present or not.

Peel back the biased and subjective opinions though, and you’ll discover underlying tenants that actually contribute to whether a dog appears cute to the general public.

Let’s be honest. Who can actually say no to a little puppy with big sappy eyes?

Is it even possible to feel indifferent towards dogs with large, floppy ears?

And when a little Frenchie bounds toward you with a teetering gait to welcome you home, you may as well go ahead and cue all the fuzzy feelings.

Going a step further, and what makes this all so incredible, iswhywe’re triggered by such appearances.

Why do fat rolls and big eyes and well-proportioned head sizes elicit cutesy responses?

It all starts with real, human babies.

Since the beginning of mankind, we were created to love, nurture, and care for small babies.

Natalie Angier in the New York Times explains “extreme youth, vulnerability, harmlessness and need” to actually spark a nurturing response within us.

It’s literally hardwired into our DNA to nurture and want to care for small, defenseless babies.

As a result, anything that reminds us of a small, vulnerable baby is likely to elicit feelings of compassion and admiration.

In addition to the being drawn to baby-like features, the old adage is true that beauty remains in the eye of the beholder.

For this reason, you’ll find some dog lovers who prefer floppy ears, others who like short legs, some who opt for puffy coats, while still others go for fat little rolls.

What makes you drool may be different from your dog-loving neighbor.

It’s also important to mention that, while naturally people are drawn to baby-like traits, there are always exceptions.

One dog-lover may be attracted to dogs who have suffered abuse, while the next puppy advocate will gravitate to dogs who appear exceptionally vulnerable.

It’s only fair we respect each other’s opinions and celebrate the differences between us.

Where Can I Find Cute Dogs?

There are several places you can turn when looking to get your own cute dog.

First, there is local.

You might check your local newspaper, visit a local shelter, or search for reputable breeders in your town.

Or there is on-line.

From the comforts of your favorite couch, you can find your new uber-cute dog right here.

Plus, many high-quality breeders offer shipping so you can have your very own (cute!) puppy brought straight to your doorstep.

Cute Dog FAQ

Q. What is the cutest breed of dog?

The little French Bulldog ranks among the best when assessing for doggy cuteness. These babes sport darling face wrinkles and stunning eyes with a gaze that’s hard to resist.

Q. Why are dogs so cute?

Those big, forward-facing eyes, the teetering gait, and that perfectly rounded body shape all serve to make a dog charmingly cute. It’s literally in our DNA to find these traits adorable.

Q. Which is the best dog in the world?

For nearly thirty years, AKC has been awarding the Labrador Retriever as the most popular dog. These beauties are “friendly, outgoing, and high-spirited companions” who make excellent family pals.

Q. What are good questions about dogs?

When searching for a new dog, it’s good to ask how much exercise your new dog will need, along with how much space is needed for your dog to thrive.

Q. How do I prepare for my first dog?

First, gather necessary supplies including quality dog food, a comfortable crate, and a sturdy leash. Next, establish clear house rules and be consistent in training. Lastly, puppy-proof your home. (Find a complete checklist here.)

In Closing

That’s a wrap.

From cute dog breeds to perfect puppy names, you are ready to go.

Now we’d love to know, which dog doyouthink is the cutest?

Drop us a line in the comments below.

We’re glad you are here.

Thanks for being a part of this dog-loving community where joy is the center of everything we do.

Until next time,

VIP Puppies


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Sara Ochoa, DVM is an expert veterinarian ready to help you give your dog an amazing life. Stationed in East Texas, Dr. Ochoa specializes in small and/or exotic animals. She’s currently loving life alongside her husband Greg and their three fur babies: Ruby the Schnoodle, Monkey the tortoise, and Oliver James (affectionately dubbed “OJ”) the cat.

The Cutest Doggies & Dog Breeds | VIP Puppies (2024)


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