Is Rubi Rose Married? Meet Her New Boyfriend Dyeland London Plus Details On Her Dating History — Thedistin (2024)

American rapper and socialite Rubi Rose’s new boyfriend has been revealed as Dyeland London. Details about her love life and dating history explored.

Rubi (real name: Rubi Rose Benton) has cemented her name in the entertainment industry as a rapper, singer-songwriter, model and a socialite.

She was born on October 2, 1997, inLexington, Kentucky, United States to Nardos Ghebrelul, her mother, an Eritrean immigrant dentist, and John Benton, her father, who is a lawyer and is ofhalf African-American and half-Japanese descent. Her mother was born in Ethiopia although being an Eritrean.

Rubi Rose is building quite the reputation these days for many different reasons, but one of those is that people can’t seem toquench their thirst for her.

Given how much she’s been in the news cycle recently, it’s no wonder many are going crazy over her looks, career trajectory, or otherwise.

And one thing for sure is, Rubi seems to be the spec for many, not just men but a lot of females as well. But is she married or dating anyone right now? Here’s what we know about her personal life.

Is Rubi Rose Married? Meet Her New Boyfriend Dyeland London Plus Details On Her Dating History — Thedistin (1)

Is Rubi Rose married to anyone?

Rubi Rose has never been married in her life and hence, she has no husband. She has also never been engaged to anyone.

This, however, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been in a relationship before. In fact, she currently seems to be off the dating market.

On her 26th birthday, she flaunted her new man on her Instagram account and shortly after, social media sleuths were quick to get to the bottom of things.

So, who is Rubi Rose dating right now?

Socialite and rapper Rubi Rose is currently in a relationship with fashion stylist, Dyeland London aka 2fl.y.

Recently, Rubi Rose took to social media to show off a sweet photo of her and her man. In the image, the two of them are seen sharing a kiss, though neither of their faces can be seen. Despite her attempts to keep the relationship under wraps, it looks like social media users werequick to get to the bottom of things. Fans zeroed in on some identifiable tattoos on the man’s hand, and matched them up with Dyeland London’s.

London had also posted a photo of the two of them a couple months back, which appears to have come from the same set of photos posted by Rubi. The performer’s apparent new man is a designer, known for styling the likes ofLil Baby,Young Thug, and more. As expected,fans have a lot to sayabout the couple.

Thoughsome are being criticalabout Rubi Rose’s dating decisions, obviously all that matters is how each of them feels about one another. Many are coming to the 26-year-old’s defense, noting that she likely kept things private to avoid any potential backlash. Rubi appears to be more than happy with the designer, recently taking to her story to show off the romantic birthday gesture he surprised her with.

In the clip, Rubi’s seen walking through various rooms decorated with countless rose petals and balloons. The path guided her to a pile of extravagant designer gifts.“My baby don’t play about me,”she wrote, flexing a pair of diamond earrings he gifted her. Despite criticism, she appears to be doing great, telling followers that she’s had the “best birthday ever.”

Is Rubi Rose Married? Meet Her New Boyfriend Dyeland London Plus Details On Her Dating History — Thedistin (2)

Who is Dyeland London?

Dyeland London is Rubi Rose’s new boyfriend.

Aside from that tag, he is a successful man of his own and not a stranger in the entertainment industry.

Dyeland London is a fashionista, designer and a stylist by profession.

He has worked on the fashion sense of some of your favorite rappers.

Dyeland has styled artist like Young Thug and Lil Baby. He assisted with creative direction for Lil Baby’s Back Outside tour.

He has a growing Instagram account which boasts close to 40,000 followers.

Rubi Rose was recently linked with rapper French Montana.

The Kentucky-born MC was the subject ofdating rumorswithFrench Montana, who many think is yet another suitor on March 14, 2023, afterTMZshared a video ofFrench Montana and Rubi Rosetogether. In the brief video, the pair were in Beverly Hills hitting up the celebrity-favorite eatery, Mr. Chow. French exited a vehicle first, walking ahead of Rubi as she trailed behind. The two eventually got on the same pace once they entered the establishment, and French even wrapped his arm around her neck.

Of course, this visual set off internet rumors, andTMZonly fueled the fire. Sources claimed that Rubi has confirmed that she and French are, in fact, in a relationship, but she didn’t confirm that when she reacted to the gossip on Twitter. “Dang… i can’t go out to eat now,” she wrote without giving any context to prying fans.

Meanwhile, the gossip about French and Rubi continues without Montana making a peep. Some have accused the pair of staging a paparazzi moment for attention. Others have taken to social media to revisit Rubi’s dating past.

Is Rubi Rose Married? Meet Her New Boyfriend Dyeland London Plus Details On Her Dating History — Thedistin (3)

Rubi Rose was in a heated argument with her ex-boyfriend DDG.

If you were tapped into Rubi Rose earlier this year, you might have witnessed the rapper’s exchange with her ex.Rose and DDGwere once a hot item, but things didn’t work out like many industry romances. The love-hate relationship pressed forward to 2023, when Rubi was accused of passively aggressively suggesting that DDG’s new girlfriend, Halle Bailey, was wearing her clothing. The internet back and forth carried on for days as the ex-couple traded shots.

To make things worse, Rubi Rose shared an allegedDM from DDG—purportedly sent while he was in his current relationship. He denied wanting to rekindle anything with his former flame, but the public questioned if that was true. The disagreement seemed to have dissipated—that is, until DDG returned with a song calling out his ex. The pair have taken to their respective corners and haven’t slung any more dirt in recent weeks.

On his end, he recentlyresponded to this drama in diss-track fashion. “H*es screenshotting, that s**t lame. Keep her on the side, she could never be my main,” he rapped on the track. “She just wanna make it, she be f***ed for the fame. Posting pictures naked, baby, you should be ashamed. Tell them n***as do the research, I could fall off and come right back like it’s rebirth. Don’t believe the Internet, it’s not that b***hes t-shirt.”

Is Rubi Rose Married? Meet Her New Boyfriend Dyeland London Plus Details On Her Dating History — Thedistin (4)

Who else has Rubi Rose dated in the past?

Rubi Rose has been in the news for her love life. The gorgeous woman is liked by both men and female with GloRilla recentlygushing over Rose’s lookswhile talking to Angela Yee. Not only that, they specifically discussed the idea of threesomes, which Glo and Yee said they’ve never been in. When identifying her ideal partner in that situation, the Memphis MC said it would have to be her, another girl, and her man (but not her main man). Then, she said that she would want that third partner to be someone who looks like Rubi Rose, indirectly shooting her shot with her.

Rubi Rosehas been in relationships withCam Newton(2017),Lil Yachty(2016 – 2017),Playboi Carti(2014 – 2017),and Travis Scott(2014 – 2015).

Rubi Rosehas had encounters with Lil Tjay, Takeoff (2016),Soulja Boy(2016),21 Savage(2015),Jacob York(2015 – 2016),andIan Connor(2015), per WhosDatedWho.

Is Rubi Rose Married? Meet Her New Boyfriend Dyeland London Plus Details On Her Dating History — Thedistin (2024)


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